Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of High Performance Systems of Large Central Plants and Distribution Systems

Terrence Rollins, MBA, C.E.M.

Project Manager
RHC Global Energy Solutions

The recent case studies regarding natural disasters has impacted the way we operate and maintain Large Central Plant(s) distribution systems, during emergency power outages and system restoration. Large Central Plants operating on emergency power and its reliability is vital to businesses IT infrastructure, research, healthcare facilities, and mission critical systems. Power Plant Engineers and Operations and Maintenance staff maintaining Municipalities, Colleges, Hospitals, Research Institutes, and Military Installations must become more knowledgeable of emergency management teams roles and responsibilities. These Teams or Tiger Teams work and communicate with local authority having jurisdiction and in the region. Designers and the local power company design and install 13.2 kilovolt and above High Voltage Systems (HVS) and Medium Voltage Switchgear (MVS) with double-ending sub-stations with emergency power and system reliability. The system reliability during a disaster is crucial during emergency preparedness exercises or a natural disaster. Engineers and Designers develop O&M plans to sustain the operations of Large Central Plants systems during emergency power occurrences, by designing for load curtailment within the sequence of operation.