Next Generation Analytics for Continuous Commissioning and Predictive Monitoring

10:00AM - 6:00PM
Mark Pipher

Vice President & General Manager

Wasted energy will increase over time unless there is some periodic intervention. When do you have time to analyze your equipment data when most of your time is spent reacting to everyday comfort complaints and maintaining current project schedules? Commissioning services are a best practice in energy management, but recommissioning or retrocommissioning are done at most every three to five years. Thus, wasted energy compounds and potential savings are deferred for years. Continuous commissioning introduced the idea that commissioning and energy management work should be ongoing to drive greater savings. However, the volume of information, the complexity of equipment and ongoing operational demands make this difficult to do. Monitoring based Commissioning (MBCx) builds off the concept of continuous commissioning, but uses automation to deal with the complexity. MBCx combines continuous monitoring, fault detection and diagnostics, and building performance dashboards based on predictive analytics to provide persistent and continuous energy savings with full mobile visualization. During this presentation we will review the following benefits on how MBCx can: reduce operating expenses, help you qualify for incentive and rebate programs, give you visibility in hidden assets, help staff become more efficient and proactive, support Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) to identify future problems, and play a role in meeting sustainability and green initiatives. Using existing customer case studies, Mark will demonstrate the benefits of an advanced monitoring and optimization solution and show how this type of system can drive down maintenance and energy costs while increasing operational efficiency.