Design and Simulations of a Solar Powered Battery Charger

10:00AM - 4:00PM
Ghaith Alfaraj, Farris Hamdan & Ezz Aldeen Sammour

Princess Sumaya University for Technology

Dr. Majd Batarseh

Princess Sumaya University for Technology

Solar energy is a green energy technology that converts the energy from the sunlight to electricity. It is very essential to work on maximizing the benefit of this free energy-sourced system. The main purpose of this project is to design and implement a charging system for a Li-Ion battery using a solar panel with defined rating and consisting of different stages. Power electronic devices and switching DC-DC converters (Buck, Boost) are used to link the PV (photo voltaic) panel with the battery, it changes the DC voltage of the PV to a voltage that charges the battery safely and efficient. This project has two main stages, MPPT (Maximum power point tracker)-Boost stage followed by PI (proportional integral controller)-Buck stage. MPPT-Boost stage works on tracking the maximum power point of the PV using the Perturb and Observe algorithm (P&O). The second stage is responsible of the regulation of the voltage to meet up with the battery charging ratings, for both charging voltage and charging current that ensures a long life span for the battery. As an application of the project, the system can be used as a charging station for electric vehicles using zero fuel cost and doing no massive harm for the environment.