Cooling Asset Optimization through Continuous Monitoring and Predictive Analysis

Nasreddine Guerfala

Optimization & Energy Manager
Enwave Energy Corporation

John Valkenburg

Chilled Water System Specialist
Automated Logic United Technologies

Optimization becomes increasingly critical for Enwave district cooling system as additional satellite plants and more customers are connected to the system. This project introduces a forward thinking solution that provides independent, reliable and cost effective dispatch strategy by enabling visibility on equipment availability, efficiency and weather and utility pricing forecast on real time-basis. The optimization software predicts the cooling load and determines what Facilities/Equipment need to be running depending on weather conditions, electricity market inputs and customer sites feedback. In addition, the software present a weekly cooling peak forecast, provides a daily equipment dispatch strategy, presents a real-time centralized data collection dashboard and reports daily, weekly and monthly performance reports. This presentation will present the capabilities of this monitoring and optimization software, and will focus on its additional benefits of such as: Reduced operating costs, Increased visibility on all cooling assets, Additional saving opportunities through continuous monitoring and commissioning, Improved reliability of cooling assets through fault detection, performance alarms and predictive maintenance, and Staff empowerment through automated decision driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI)