Energy Management Project for Engineering Faculty at An Najah National University

10:00AM - 4:00PM
Lujain Yacoub

Executive Chapter Secretary
Association of Energy Engineers - Palestine

Energy engineers have to look for alternatives for energy sources to slow down the problem. This can’t be done with only by renewable energy; because of low density of power. a new trend was found which is to conserve energy, using energy management program and increase energy using efficiency with renewable energy use. A case study was taken in the engineering faculty at ANU where; as it’s the largest college in terms of the number of students and energy consumption in the university; its power consumption reaches 1.5 MW per month. The main objective was to reduce energy consumption and fossil fuels dependency through energy conservation methods and utilize renewable energy. Energy audit has been made to find out the system with most energy reduction chance. The results show that lighting system represents 45% of the total college consumption. Improvement for lighting system through many procedures was suggested, 60% energy reduction and energy saving with52872 kWh/year has been estimated in 1.34 years simple payback period. Suggested PV system is designed in roof area of 642m2and100kWp to compensate the college load. Energy saving with 193,820 kWh/year and Benefits of 116,292 NIS/year will be gained after 4 years of the project installation. A year after this research, the university has built a solar energy plant with 72kW capacity in the roof top of the college (three SMA inverters and 234 panels) to contribute with 5% of the electricity consumption. In the environmental side, the above total energy reduction yields emissions reduction with 309kg/year in SO2, 639 kg/year in NOx and 239,284 kg/year in CO2.