Energy Optimization- A Complete Plant Approach


The presentation will outline ConDex and Fenix technologies to save thermal energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The technologies will save energy in the power house, in the distribution system and directly in the processes. The key to optimizing the success of the technologies is to consider the complete plant energy balance. Most plants are looking at solutions that will give them a few percent saving. The technologies and the associated approach to implementing them can provide energy savings an order of magnitude greater than would normally be expected. No two plants are the same but the starting point is to analyze where the energy is currently being used and to build a model to replicate what is happening at the start of the process. From there the technologies are applied in a way that best fits the characteristics of the plant. Included in the presentation will be: i) A description of the technologies ii) Site variables and how they impact the final solution iii) An example of the methodology for applying the technologies iv) A typical cost benefit analysis v) Some considerations on the practicality of implanting the solutions.