Central Plants - Assets or Liabilities in Achieving Carbon and Resiliency Goals

Pratt Institute, a leading college of art, design and architecture, operates a landmark, ASME, central, high pressure steam plant in Brooklyn New York. The plant has been operating since 1900 and has vintage equipment, including a DC steam engine/generator that is beyond it's useful life. In addition, Pratt has committed to sustainability goals of carbon reduction and resiliency improvements for it's campuses in Manhattan and NYC. What role will the central play in the new carbon constrained economy, and how does Pratt decide which of at least 4 options to take re central plant - renew, de-centralize, cluster approach or some of the above with a geothermal component? Pratt is currently beginning a 'Roadmap' study to answer these questions. The presentation will focus on the goals, the options and the process, Pratt takes to make these complicated, costly and highly impactful decisions.