Special Energy Savings Tactics - Controlling to Meet Lead

10:00AM - 4:00PM
Rustin McIntosh

Project Engineering Manager
ENGIE Services North America

This presentation will be a discussion of how to design a retrofit for control of humidity, ventilation and temperature in specialized spaces such as climate controlled manufacturing, and in buildings with mixed needs and loads, such as mixed commercial space. Topics will include determining actual loads and the air and water flows needed to meet them in existing buildings, control of multiple HVAC systems that serve a common space, and other controls and energy saving retrofits that will improve system dependability and reduce the chance of trouble, failures or complaints. Forms of critical zone reset will be discussed that include CHW reset with humidity sensors and control logic to verify that systems are meeting thermal loads, not just based on OA temperature or OA conditions, and variable speed pumping without converting 3-way valves. This will include a discussion of the "internet of things", and the integration of the built-in controls featured in many new types of HVAC equipment with a building energy management controls system.