Smart Homes from Sci-Fi to Reality- From Hal, to Jarvis, to Alexa


Smart Homes are no longer something out of a Sci-Fi novel or movie, but are very real and have great potential for residential energy efficiency, demand and energy management. As the concept of home energy management systems has evolved so too has the technology that enables its capacity. In the rapidly evolving market of smart home technology there exists a place for homeowners, occupants, utilities and energy managers to tap into the potential for real time control and feedback that has never existed. With the evolution of the internet of things the smart home has also come into existence and into reach for many homes. These new smart home systems and end use controls have ushered in an age where remote control and automation of our homes is a reality and offers up the potential for demand savings as well as energy efficiency. In this paper I will explore the numerous energy and demand related opportunities and barriers that exist in the burgeoning universe of smart home technology.