Porterville Developmental Center Strategic Energy Management Planning – Complex Planning to Achieve State Mandated Goals

10:00AM - 6:00PM

Porterville Developmental Center (PDC) is one of four State-operated facilities within the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) serving people with developmental disabilities. PDC provides 24-hour residential services for individuals 18 years or older who have serious medical and/or behavior problems for which appropriate services are not currently available through community resources. It is located on approximately 670 acres in Porterville California, part of Tulare County, and is comprised of more than 50 buildings. The State of California has mandated a reduction in energy purchases, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and a focus on economically feasible clean on-site power generation. This paper will summarize the steps undertaken to develop a Strategic Energy Management Plan designed to move PDC into compliance with the State goals and establish a foundation for ongoing and sustained efficient energy management. Throughout the development of the Strategic Energy Management Plan, Stantec conducted a detailed on-site investigation of all buildings and distributed energy systems throughout the campus, conducted a load measurement exercise. A detailed analysis of historical utility consumption was combined with data gathered and observed on site to create a site-wide energy balance for systems and buildings. Using the energy balance, the measures which had been identified were evaluated for energy and GHG savings. Estimated implementation costs were combined with the projected savings to determine a series of financial performance metrics. Finally, a weighted tradeoff analysis was undertaken using more than 10 metrics and factors to prioritize the implementation of measures. The resulting strategic plan provided PDC and the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) a framework to achieve the mandated targets.